History of Aztec



 Events (timeline)

Foundation of the Empire

6th Century: The first Nahuatl speaking people begin to settle in Mexico
1110: Mexica travel from their homeland in the north or Aztlan.
1110 – 1248: They travel to Mexico and decide to settle.
1248: They settle near Lake Texcoco which was in Chapultepec and then excluded by the Tepanecs.
1299: They then settled in Tizapan with the permission of the Culhuacan (Ruler of Cocoxtli).
1325: They established Tenochititlan.

Building an Empire

1350: They built bridges with canals.
1370: Death of the Tenoch (religious ruler).
1376 – 1395: The first ruler of Tenochtitlan; Acamapichtli.
1390: Constructions of Templo Mayor.
1395 – 1417: The second king (Huitzilihuitl) ruled. An alliance with the Tepaneca was created.
1417 – 1427: The third king; Chimalpopoca. He was assassinated by the Tepaneca.
1427 – 1430: There was war with the Tepaneca.
1430: The Azcapotzalco conquered.
1427-1440: The rise of the fourth king; Itzcoatl.
1452: Tenochtitlan was severly damaged flooding.
1452-1454: Famine in Tenochtitlan.

Height of the Empire

1440 – 1469: The fifth king; Montezuma l
1469 – 1481: The sixth king; Azayactl
1486 – 1502: Eighth king; Ahuitzotl
1487: Rebuilt the Great Temple
1502 – 1520: The ninth king; Montezuma II (the most famous Aztec King)
1510: Serious floods in Tenochtitlan

The fall of the Empire

1519: Hernan Cortes arrived in Tenochtitlan.
1520: Cortes allied with Tlaxcala and assaults the empire.
1520: Tenth king; Cuitahuac.
1520: Cuitahuac dies from smallpox disease that invaded the empire. The eleventh king (and also the last), Cuauhetemoc, ruled.
1521: Fall of Tenochtitlan. The ruler surrenders to Cortes, the city is destroyed.
1522: The Spanish rebuilt the city now known as Mexico City; the capital of New Spain.
1525: Cuauhetemoc was hung by the Spanish.

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